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“Getting” Twitter

As my business colleagues and a number of my friends know, I am a huge fan of Twitter.  Launched in 2006, this social media site currently has over 645 million accounts worldwide, with 135,000 new Twitter users signing up each day. One would think this would qualify Twitter as being one of the established granddaddies […]

I Firmly Resolve…

After seeing numerous articles and blog posts over the past week about the pros and cons of making New Year’s resolutions, I needed to take a step back and assess where I actually stand on the issue. What I came to realize was that I’ve been a resolution maker and breaker for as long as […]

Heartfelt Marketing

One of my favorite small business marketing strategies—which isn’t really marketing at all—is to hold an event or fundraiser to support a cause, show appreciation to customers or just to be a good community citizen.  While large companies often can and do write giant charitable checks, it’s the contributions of small business owners that I […]

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Marketing in a Word

If you live practically anywhere in New York state, or in parts of Florida, New Mexico, Nevada, California or the Carolinas (although now mainly in upstate New York and Florida), there’s a good chance you’ve heard of—or actually heard from—Billy Fuccillo.  A big man with a booming voice, Fuccillo relentlessly hawks his car dealerships on […]


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