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If you live practically anywhere in New York state, or in parts of Florida, New Mexico, Nevada, California or the Carolinas (although now mainly in upstate New York and Florida), there’s a good chance you’ve heard of—or actually heard fromBilly Fuccillo.  A big man with a booming voice, Fuccillo relentlessly hawks his car dealerships on TV, radio, billboards and buses, summing up his business in one word: “Huge.”

His inventory is “huge.”  His sales goals are “huge.”  His car lots boast huge inflatable animals that include the humungous (I mean “huge,” of course) blue Super Deal Dog, an even more enormous (don’t make me say it again) blow up bull, and a gargantuan gorilla that actually was the victim of a kidnapping a few years back.  But that’s another story.

Fuccillo certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.  In his ads, he frequently talks over the other announcers in what I assume is supposed to be unbridled enthusiasm for what he has to offer.  He waves his arms.  He bellows.  And he can stretch the word “huge” out over several seconds—“Huuuuuuuuuu-gah!”  His ads are like nails on a chalkboard for a lot of people.  In fact, there’s even a “We all hate Billy Fuccillo TV commercials” Facebook page—although, granted, it hasn’t been too active lately.  But as you can imagine, the comments there aren’t exactly supportive of the big guy’s marketing tactics.

Still, like him or loathe him, his ads work.  He could almost trademark the word “huge;” say that word around here and I’ll bet nine times out of ten people think of Fuccillo, and know darn well what business he’s in.  Personally speaking, I often refer to situations and events as “Billy Fuccillo huge,” and I’m certainly am not the only person who does so.

More importantly, in just over three decades Fuccillo has risen from a lowly car salesman who applied to the same car dealership four times before getting hired, to CEO of his own automotive empire, with  a net worth of $100 million and over 1400 employees in his 22 dealerships and 30-plus franchises. He has won  awards as the top Kia dealer in the U.S., sends his employees on cruises and gives generously to charities (which is, interestingly, something he seldom crows about—his philanthropic side is remarkably low key).  Again, all of these are testimonials to the success of his marketing endeavors.

So for every person turned off by Fuccillo’s bombastic approach, there are obviously plenty of potential customers who enjoy, appreciate or simply remember it enough to check out his websites, stop by one of his dealerships and make a purchase.  In fact. only one other local dealer, Todd Caputo  (“the Used Car King”) comes close to matching Billy Fuccillo’s celebrity (or, dare I say, ad budget),  and maybe Jane Fox , who has a memorable delivery  of her very own.  And neither come close to matching the Fuccillo auto empire.

Your Word Genie challenge for today, if you use to accept it, is this: What could be your very own “huge”?  If you were to sum up your business in one word—or even a short phrase—could you? What would it be?  What would make your business stand out  from others of its kind, make it or you more memorable than your competitors.  And would you have the courage to stick with it, stay behind it, even if turns some people off?

Have a little fun with this.  Billy Fuccillo sure did—and it has made a “huge” difference in his business and overall success.


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