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My Marketing Philosophy

“That stuff doesn’t work for my kind of business.” That’s what my usually smart life partner (and small business owner) John said to me when I started to tell him about online marketing strategies.

To which I said—to myself—“Bullshit.” I’m a pretty passionate believer in how effective employing just a few of the many tools available on the internet can be to a small business’s bottom line, and I’m equally confident that the right combination can and does work for pretty much any kind of business.

But at that moment I didn’t feel like arguing about it. I decided that I would just have to show him.

Fact is, he’s lucky to be living with someone who knows so much about internet marketing for small businesses and independent professionals—and who plans on making it her business to help as many small businesses develop and execute online tactics that will bring them new and repeat customers over and over again.

Why do I tout online marketing over the more traditional avenues such as Yellow Pages, newspaper ads, radio spots or television commercials?

First of all, for the most part, most of the networking platforms on the internet are low cost or free. Within seconds, anyone can open a Facebook , Twitter or LinkedIn account for zero dineros. You seldom (if ever) hear the word “free” when talking about getting exposure through other kinds of media, unless it’s some sort of buy three get one type of deal.

Second, your potential reach on the internet—the number of people you might eventually cross paths with—is positively mind blowing. Even if you have a totally local target market, you can bring your business to the attention of people who might never had heard about you otherwise, particularly if you haven’t been able to afford traditional media advertising campaigns. And if you’re looking to attract people from other cities, states or even countries, well, they don’t call it the World Wide Web for nothing.

Third, it’s a safe bet that most–if not all–of your target customers go online to find everything from business phone numbers to directions to customer reviews. You don’t see people walking around with their noses in a phone book, and you rarely see them consult paper maps these days. Nope, they’re finding what they want or need on their smartphones, tablets or laptops, while they DVR past TV commercials, listen to commercial free radio and checking the latest news online.

So yeah, I think—no, I know—that using the right social media platforms would work just as well for John’s business as for anyone’s, including yours. And I aim to prove it.